An Atlanta native, after finishing college and graduate school, I lived in Alabama, Tennessee and Florida for twenty seven years and recently returned to my hometown. I have taken pictures in many locations in Europe and the United States. Yet many of the subjects I continue to find beauty in are in my own backyard.

When it comes to photography, I try to slow down and appreciate the everyday, common beauty that is so often missed in our frantic world. A famous photographer once said that the key to taking a good picture was to get out of the car. In other words, a photographer must stop and notice the picturesque moment when he sees it, rather than being caught up in the frenzy of needing to be somewhere else and driving by – and therefore missing the moment forever.

While the scope of my photography covers subjects from my own backyard to distant lands abroad, two principles are always central to my photographic vision. The first is to see the unseen in the seen – to notice beauty in what we so often don’t take time to notice. Most of life is missed by our inattention and I attempt to call attention to those things that are so easily ignored. Second, whether it is a tree, a town, a flower, or a person, I try engaging the picture as a familiar friend or place where or with whom I would like to spend some time with.

It is my hope that you enjoy our world as I see it.